Old Town Canoe Tripper 17' Royalex Old Town Canoe Tripper 17' RoyalexThe Tripper is one of the best all around canoes ever made. light weight 80 pounds, vinyl gunwales and contoured seats. The gunwales are vinyl and they may have an aluminum core in them. Old Town Pack 12 Royalex Canoe. Little did we know, it was the beginning of an incredible century-long journey. Also has custom wood portaging yoke with pads. This Tripper Model has incredible 5-star reviews online. Perfect for family outing or load all the fishing gear and …. Old Town Discovery 169 canoe with paddles. 14' Old Town Hunter 53 lb Royalex canoe. Comes with 1 folding canoe seat, four square floatation cushions, 2 vintage 60" wooden paddles and a third 60" wooden extra paddle. Replacing both with old town thwarts would be about 100 total. Old Town Tripper for sale in Carthage, North Carolina. It is very stable and easy for a one-person carry (58lb. MOTOR: Accommodating up to a …. Selling a exceedingly rare and beautiful, all original Old Town Ranger 17’2 Royalex Canoe package! (Pre-Tripper Class ) *** Pics - Had something on my lens that caused some glare*** Garage kept its entire life and rarely paddled since 1992!. The Albany, made by Swift Canoe, the premier Canadian canoe maker, compare this Royalex canoe to the Royalex Mad River Explorer 16 or the Royalex Dagger Venture 17 in design, capacity and capabilities. TRAILER IS NOT FOR SALELength 17 2 5. Length: 17' 2″ Material: Royalex®. This series of Royalex canoes is one of the best all around for fishing, camping, hunting and for general use and are highly sought after because of their rel. Ending 7 Sep at 6:08PM BST 5d 8h Collection in. New listings: Old Town Discovery Scout 16’ canoe - $850 (Shelbyville TN. It is ideally suited as a tandem day-tripper yet large enough for a weekend canoe trip. I will pay registration transfer. I need advice on buying a tandem canoe for. Wood rails have been regularly oiled and are in excellent condition. Forgiving and stable, the Tripper is 17’2" long and 37" wide. This is a wonderful river canoe. Option 1 is a 17ft Old Town Penobscot. 1984 Old Town Royalex Canoe Restoration. washington co / WI 🛶🌊Huge Inventory Old Town Kayaks🛶🌊. Va), Old Town Tripper Canoe - $700 (Winchester) Tripper,Old Town Canoe 17' 2" $500 cash. 17’4” Royalex Canoe Price: $300. Poughkeepsiess chris craft constellation 28'+Lowrance 5x sonar,make offer UNDER $900. This shaped thwart will fit the following models: Appalachian, Camper 16, Charles River 158, Charles River RX, Penobscot 164, Penobscot 174, Penobscot 16 RX, Penobscot 17 RX, Tripper 17. The ride between the Airport and Downtown Frankfurt is only 11 minutes. Using a 240cm kayak paddle, the boat handled like a champ. This versatile canoe is excellent in flat water, but also does well in fast waters. Give us a call for more information. The Tripper 172 has been discontinued. I’m the second owner of this awesome canoe. It is half of the current list price. 2020 Old Town Canoes and Kayaks Topwater PDL Angler 120, Old Town sacrificed nothing, delivering a comfortable, hands-free performance fishing kayak that`s easy to maneuver and even easier to transport. classic "Penobscot" end cap -fits Royalex Penobscot 16 or 17 with aluminum gunwales (not for vinyl gunwales). Technical specsRoyalexLength17 ft. Similar Items - Legendary ROYALEX Old Town Tripper 172 Canoe - $999 (Brunswick, Ga. A 17-foot boat might be easier with gear and two kids, but you could do it in this one as well. Respond by calling phone number under Reply, then Show Phone Number. Turn the cloth often so as not to use the same area over and over. Here’s a couple pictures of the progress on the shed I started this summer right next to it. This series of Royalex canoes is one of the best all around for fishing, camping, hunting and for general use and are highly sought after because of their. The 14'10" length coupled with the 820 pound load capacity make it a great solo wilderness tripper. How to Clean a Sticky Royalex Canoe. CANOES: Always store upside-down, even overnight. I get mine from Old Town because I have an old yellow Tripper, and didn't want to paint red patches on it. Mohawk Intrepid 17 vs Mad River Revelation vs Old Town Tripper. 1970s Old Town Tripper Canoe. Old Town Canoe - $400 (Gilbert) Old Town Saranac 146, great condition hardly used. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or …. New Listing Vintage Old Town Canoe Wooden Leeboards Sail Boat USA Lee Board 48” Wood OLD. First, the Tripper is a real classic canoe. My deceased Mohawk had tiny little eyelets which were inadequate, so I drilled two holes into the aluminum deck plate and knotted a bit of bungee cord in place – again, not elegant, but it did the trick. and great Fall enjoyment ahead. Skip Navigation Website Accessibility 100 Pine Street, Clearwater, MN ; 320. Mad River Canoe 17' Explorer, Royalex. capacity, features moderate rocker to enhance maneuverability and flared sides to shed waves with ease. This canoe will replace a 16ft Penobscot that was stolen several years ago. The Penobscot tribe lived in this area and hunted and fished here. Old Town canoes, which have been popular for decades, are now available in a wide range. Moderate rocker allows for quick maneuverability, yet a minimum of correction strokes are required to …. Old Town Penobscot hull identification number help. Local pick up in Winchester Virginia Price: $700. It is a Royalex boat and 17'9" with full ends. ROYALEX Canoe - $1600 (Schenectady). The Aurora is a day tripper and river canoe at heart. I purchased a frost crack repair kit online for my 17' Mad River Royalex canoe. Original Owner - The owner said this canoe was purchased brand new from L. Date/Serial Number Cross Reference Charts. BEAR CREEK and many other wide or hefty canoe models. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright. All dark wood and heavy duty hardware. Good for rivers, lakes, day trips, and expeditions. The Tripper and Tripper XL use a 33. PACK 33# Royalex by Old Town Canoe + 2 Paddles. Read Penobscot 17 reviews or submit your own review to share with …. Well cared for with some minor scraping on the bottom, but nothing serious. It is fast, not wobbly and is easy to handle. So if you go that route, you are looking at 2 seats, a center portage yoke, a thwart, seat hangers, and stainless hardware for the seats, yoke, and thwart. This was the same ,although in name only, White Canoe Co that started in 1889. On average, the cost of a good used canoe is $750, while a new one is twice that amount at $1,500. You can easily camptrek for a week in it. With professionally installed Kevlar skid plates since new. By Chris Malone Méndez Oct 17, 2023 6:21 PM EDT. New listings: Swift Albany Royalex Canoe - $850 (Schenectady), Old Town TRIPPER Royalex Canoe - $1600 (Schenectady) Find Royalex Canoe in Boats For Sale. REDUCED! Tripper 172 ROYALEX Old Town - $1,500 (Schenectady, NY) If you want a canoe to take the whole family out for the day, go hunting or fishing or take on camping trips, this is the boat for you. Excellent in wider OLD TOWN CANOES such as 12ft Stillwater, Discovery 133k, Guide, Predator, Osprey. New listings: REDUCED! TRIPPER 172 ROYALEX Old Town Canoe - $1 500 (schenectady), Old Town Tripper Canoe - 18 foot - $500 (Chittenango). Private day trip to the Romantic Rhine Valley with river cruise and wine tasting. I think $1000 USD for a good condition used XL Tripper is a fair price. That's the best way to solo any canoe—for proper empty trim, for the ability to execute both bow and stern strokes, and to reduce asymmetric torquing windage on the body. Highly desirable Old Town 'Tripper' 17' Canoe. It is an American classic whose heritage is as proud as apple pie. Bethesda vapor 10 old town kayak. I’d be more likely to price that particular canoe in the $550. Old Town Penobscot 16 - in Good Shape with several accessories included. Happy to have been able to experience both bow and stern operations in the Old Town Tripper. The Old Town Tripper Canoe is a classic tandem canoe that offers stability, durability, and ample space for gear. 16’8” Swift Dumoin Royalex Canoe lightweight 47lbs Canoe - $999 (Manchester) In nice shape,Light use. Canoe Old Town Tripper 172. Oct 18, 2022 - Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Experience the thrill of navigating rivers and lakes with the Penobscot 174 canoe. I bought this canoe used in the early 80s. **NOTE** Yoke is not pre-drilled. Comes with portage yoke and original ash thwart. This is an original Old Town Canoe from the glory days of Old Town manufacturing. That’s quite a legacy to uphold, and the Old Town Discovery 119 canoe honors and updates the tradition with nimble performance …. Discontinued 9:00-17:00 Saturdays | 10:00-17:00 Sundays | Closed Bank Holidays | 10:00-16:00; Shopping Information. They also don't last was well as Royalex canoes. Purple Oldtown Next One Person CanoeRed and Camo Old town Discovery 158 Two PersonRed Old town …. It shipped on December 11h, 1980 to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Purchased new in 1987, original owner. ROW: Our versatile Discovery 133 with built in center oar lock sockets and a center bench seat allows you to effortlessly row solo or with a passenger. White cedar doors and trim, red cedar shakes. This canoe could tell some great stories… It is beyond a doubt my favorite 'toy' and mode of transportation. The 16-foot length gives it a good speed over the water and couples with the strong v-shape hull that. looking at Craigslist at 2006 17’ canoe in excellent condition. Each is solo and each poles sometimes. With a (factory rated) load capacity of 1,100 pounds, you don’t have to worry about overloading. It is a tributary of the Arkansas River. New listings: Swift Albany Royalex Canoe - $850 (Schenectady), Old Town TRIPPER Royalex Canoe - $1600 (Schenectady) Has XL Kevlar skid platesPurchased from Collinsville Canoe in …. com/marketplace/item/869643107890859/. It's a 1991 model "Tripper" in fabulous condition. Absolutely love the old town canoes! The Penobscot is what I grew up paddling and happy to hear it will help introduce another generation of paddlers. I own an Old Town Tripper, a 17' wilderness tripper. colchester Kayak wall hanger mount. New listings: Sarana 146 Old Town Canoe - $400 (Salem), Old Town Canoe - $900 (Thomasville). Designed to meet the exacting requirements …. Some scuffs, stains, and scratches but no holes or punctures or any repairs. Aluminum was the choice for most canoe trippers until 1978 when Old Town Canoes and Kayaks touted the durability of its Royalex Tripper by tossing one from the roof of its Maine factory—it escaped unscathed. The Old Town canoe with hull identification number XTC34861M80L and serial number 234861 is a 16 foot long, ABS Chipewyan Penobscot model with aluminum inserts in the rails that weighed 81 pounds. New listings: Royalex canoe17 foot Three Rivers Canoe with paddles. 17' Royalex Old Town Tripper canoe - $550 (Middletown NY) If you want a canoe to take the whole family out for the day, go hunting or fishing or take on camping trips, this is the boat for you. Ending Thursday at 6:08PM BST 3d 3h Collection in person. The Bob has a unique blend of …. Western Red Cedar and Cherry with bronze hardware. The title had me wondering so I looked at the pics and immediately thought it looked like a Old Town Tripper 17, not sure why it was just my immediate thoughts. New listings: Bell MorningStar Canoe (Royalex) - $1 200 (Windsor Heights), Canoe - Easy Rider Ouzel 17 Royalex - $850 (Reno). I'm asking $900 OBO This is a 17 foot canoe. This boat is ideal for a family and is very stable and roomy with a carrying capacity of 1600lb making it great for camping holidays. New listings: FIBERGLASS TRIPPER CLIPPER CANOE W/3 WOOD OARS - $800 (S. Several cold crack repairs and it's been painted. The Old Town website list the Penobscot 16 & 17, which are Royalex, and the Penobscot 164 and 174, which are PolyLink3. Old Town Tripper Vintage Green 17' Canoe. researching old town canoe for sale. Hey canoe nerds, got some advice to ask you. It has been a great canoe, easy to carry. I still wonder if that 18 footer became some rebadged mid-70’s RX Old Town model after they dropped the Chipewyan monikers. This Tripper is made from much coveted and discontinued Royalex. New listings: 17 ft Old Town Royalex Tripper Canoe Complete Package - $245 (CHICOPEE), Old Town XL Tripper 20' Royalex Canoe - $1895 (Shelbyville TN). Offered for sale is an Old Town "Tripper 172" with a Royalex hull. Submitted by: paddler228673 on 6/12/2000. The Old Town Canoe Company: A History Of Innovation. Old Town TRIPPER Royalex Canoe - $1600 (Schenectady) View larger image. I believe you are right that the boat is royalex, but others might chime in if they were produced in 3 layer poly. My concerns are the structural integrity as. Very good tandem, and can be soloed with little trouble. CAUTION: These alcohols are extremely poisonous. I’m curious if anyone has done this or has advice. How To Determine The Age Of An Old Town Canoe. This canoe is no longer available from Old Town, but when last listed in their catalog it retailed for $1995. Find Canoe Royalex in Boats For Sale in Catskills, NY. Newly Refurbished Old Town royalex 15’9” Canoe. This canoe was then a state-of-the-art canoe. Old Town Tripper 172 Royalex canoe - $850 (Shelbyville, TN) Very nice Old Town Tripper royalex canoe for sale. Description: 1970s Old Town Tripper Canoe Length: 17'2" Width 37" Weight 77lbs. Old Town Discovery 119 Canoe used twice, 750 OBO. paddles smooth for a boat with alot of bottom. It has never been in the water. The canoe is a solid performer on all types of water. Royalex manufacturer PolyOne ceased production of the popular material in 2013, but Esquif Canoes began producing a similar material called T-Formex. We "easily" got a large bull out of the BWCA Wilderness with 3 guys and camp in a 16' and 17' royalex canoe. The exceptionally high volume Royalex hull 1500 lb. Prince Rd Tucson Az 85705 United States of America; 36" Ash carrying yoke for center support in the following canoes:Discovery 169, Tripper 172, Stillwater 16 and Katahdin 16. ), Dagger Legend 16’ Royalex canoe - $1 340 (Shelbyville TN. Old Town XL Tripper 20' Royalex Canoe - $1895 (Shelbyville, TN) It's an Old Town XL Tripper Royalex canoe. Newly sanded all gunnels and refinished, new webbing seats ($100), old cane seats included, new Crazy Creek seats ($100), includes two Bending Branches bent shaft paddles (50" & 52" - $280) and. The 17-foot Tripper is what wilderness canoeing is all about. By the time I add shipping, the Mohawk will be. Classic Royalex 1975 Old Town mini-Tripper Canoe - $625 (McGaheysville, VA) This 1975 Old Town Chipewyan mini-Tripper, 15-foot, canoe has a classic Royalex hull. One of the best canoe models Old Town had. Comes with a bent shaft paddle and vest. Old Town Tripper 172 Royalex canoe. How Much Does a Canoe Weigh?. I frequently see OT Penobscots (similar boat, little narrower/faster/less stable) of the same vintage going for over $1k around here. Other companies worked to replace Royalex with composite …. Old Town XL Tripper20 feet long1,600-pound load capacityUpgraded to webbed seats2-inch covered closed-foam seat cushions w buckles strapsHitch-mounted rear support for transportAt 20 feet in length the Tripper XL is one of the longest canoes available. Old Town Tripper 17'-2" Royalex tandem canoe in Mt. Old Town Tripper, Royalex, Length 1739 2 Width 37, Weight 80 lbsThis great all around boat is extremely durable, a super stable Royalex canoe, fantastic for wilderness canoeing, great boat to pack up for adventures on flat lakes and whitewater rivers. It has 2 padded seats with backrests and 2 storage compartments. Ad id: 702222834159872; Views: 66; Price: $500. Old Town Tripper 17 Foot Royalex® Canoe In Good Used Condition. My Dad bought this canoe ( serial XTC37820N81I or XTC37820N81L… no sure on the last character, it’s a “L” or “i” ) back in the 1980’s. For this article, we dug deep, sourcing out many. Pictures are not great, but it is obviously beat up with questionable repairs. It's a 20' long boat with a payload of 1650 lbs. for supporting their arch and avoiding any oilcanning. Old Town 2022 Old Town Sportsman 106PDL. In 2013 the plastics company PolyOne purchased Spartech, who had the rights to manufacture Royalex. The Royalex back in the day that it probably was made was tough and thick. Thread starter RobinH; Start date Apr 20, 2009; R. Ad id: 2608210752222702; Views: 205; Price:. 00/cash only, no refunds - Buyer must transport, owner cannot. Huge selection of canoes - royalex, t-formex, kevlar, and wood strip. Named after the Native American tribe that has inhabited Old Town, Maine, since before recorded history — and from whom we've gained immeasurable boat-building knowledge — the Penobscot is an homage to their superb craftsmanship, sense of design and navigational skills. Old Town Tripper 172 Royalex Canoe - $1,150 (Shelbyville, TN) Old Town’s do it all work horse canoe. Old Town Voyageur Royalex 18' Canoe. While Chassé has been working to bring T-Formex to market over the past three years, other manufactures have been creating alternative durable hulls to fill the Royalex void, including Nova Craft Canoe, Mad River Canoe, Echo Paddles and Boats, Trailhead and H2O Canoes to name a few. Length: 17' 2″ Material: Royalex® The 17-foot. Legendary ROYALEX Old Town Tripper 172 Canoe. After 40 years tandem paddling Old Town Oltonar 16 and 18’ canoes, we decided to downsize to a Pack 12’. Old Town Tripper 17' Boreal Boy. Extremely Good Condition, Well Cared-for Offered for sale is an Old Town "Tripper 172" with a Royalex hull. Read an in-depth review of the Castine 140. Shorter solo canoes and pack canoes for day trips are 10-14 feet. ---Check the Old Town factory store in Old Town Maine when you get up there next---they can sometimes give you a great deal on a factory second---1. The Albany by Swift is a foot longer than the Mad River Explorer and the Swift Dumoine, making it a big, high volume tripper and a very capable …. A new T-Formex canoe (closest we have to Royalex these days) will run you close to $3k new, and this sin't far off new condition. I mainly fish from this boat …. Year is also a giveaway, they stopped making royalex in 2014. Exceptional stability and a cargo volume that can only be described as massive. Canoe is designed for rivers - has two inflatable bags for front and back (one has a slow leak)Minor scrapes Good conditionI have too many canoes Old Town canoe / Royalex - $795 (Donner Lake West end) …. Johnson Outdoors, makers of Necky and Ocean Kayaks as well as Old Town Canoes, has been working to finne-tune its polyethylene rotomolding techniques to approximate the functionality of Royalex. Purchased new (1992), original owner. (Manufacturers will match colours, but yours will be faded so the new stuff will show up a bit, at least for a while. Find Royalex Canoe in Boats For Sale. Old Town Discovery 174 with accessories - $400 (Simsbury) Great Old Town Discovery 174 canoe for sale. It’s designed for recreational paddling and can comfortably accommodate two or three people. Old Town Tripper canoe made in 1981 with Royalex in good condition. This canoe was not very hard to paddle, and handles the wind very nice. A great choice for the intermediate to experience paddler, the Penobscot has been a long …. Make an appointment with Old Town Canoe Company by calling (207) 827-5514 or (800) 343-1555, or by requesting email support. New listings: Canoe - Old Town Tripper - $1 200 (Kingsport), Vintage Old Town 17 ft Canoe -Handcrafted - $4 999 (Fremont Michigan). Call or text 803-445 six four two four. SAINT PAUL CANOE, 16 ft, with Paddles, Mad River. Birth of a Legend The story of the Old Town Clipper. compare to Wenonah, Mad River, Hobie, Wilderness, Ocean, Grumman and other Canoes and Kayak. Looking to sell them in groups of 10. It has minor wear and tear but structurally no issues. Canoeists can fit enough gear for a short trip and the canoe will perform well in various conditions. Old Town Canoes and Kayaks Topwater 120. Cambridge 16 Foot Old Town Penobscot Royalex Canoe Near Mint condition. Should I buy this 1981 Old Town Tripper? : r/canoeing. You could walk from the Römer Square across the river and have lunch or dinner at one of the famous. net, I saw comments from someone who had noted cracking of the interior vinyl on vintage Old Town royalex canoes. Willing to deliver if the price is right. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. New listings: ROYALEX Old Town Pathfinder Canoe - $599 (HAWLEY NE Pa. In august two of my friends and I loaded it to the gunnels and spent a week on cranberry lake in the a-dack park. 36" may be a little narrow and less stable if you're going to hunt out of it (especially with a dog; mine is 42"), but, it will be very manueverable and easy to paddle. It has always been a favorite for canoe liveries. A high volume hull with a deep V-entry, the Tripper 172 can paddle easily with a heavy load. com/marketplace/item/215719064613196/. First, with the Saranac 160 bottom of hull has warped in. ), Old Town Wood & Canvas Canoe - $300 (Fulton NY). Build your own canoe with high-quality kits and plans from Bear Mountain Boats. 5 or 37 inch heavy duty thwart with a straight profile. ") Material: Royalex Ready to go, no leaks, stored off the ground and out of the sun. Named after the famous Canadian salmon river, the world’s ultimate expedition canoe now comes in an 18-foot version. He specifically described both the Discovery and the Tripper. Both canoes are four inches shorter. The canoes can be found by looking in the boat’s upper right corner at the stem. The 14` Hunter is in the same series of Old Town Royalex canoes as the 18` Voyageur, 17` Tripper, 16` Camper, 15` Pathfinder and 12` Pack. If you don't know what this canoe is, it's probably not for you. If at all possible, set on sawhorses or blocks, as this will allow the gunwales to carry the weight. Old Town Canoe - Model: 1980 Tripper 17'-2"; Material: Royalex (ABS); Color: Green; Good condition. Boat is in College Station, TX, cash. Comes with 3 wooden oars, life preserver, foam roof mounts, and carry yolk. Fishing or hunting from it is easily done. Length 17’2, width 37, depth 15. Old Town 17 foot Tripper Royalex Canoe. Sea worthy, very good condition with a normal amount of surface scrapes on the bottom for its age. Spend the bucks and get an Old Town tripper----17+ feet-80 lbs wide, relatively fast, and stable and built for expedition paddling (holds 1100 pounds of people, food, and gear)---I owned one for 25 years and the dumbest thing I ever did was sell it. BOW HEIGHT: 25" CAPACITY: 1105 lbs - $300. New listings: OLD TOWN TRIPPER ROYALEX 172 PKG - $850 (Tatnuck Square Worcester), 14 Foot Polyethylene Old Town Canoe - $450 (St. How Much Does an Old Town Tripper Canoe Weigh?. Average Price of a Canoe (48 Prices of New & Used Canoes). Old Town Tripper 172 Royalex Canoe - $1,150 (Shelbyville, TN. If your serial number year is earlier, it's Royalex. Apply heat by alternating the heat source inside and outside. New listings: Old Town Tripper Canoe - $850 (Roseburg), OLD TOWN CANOE (Tripper) 17’2” - $250 (North East Md. I have an opportunity to buy an Old Town Tripper in rough condition. It is kept indoors and is in excellent condition with only supe. It was built between February and March, 1983. Old Town Tripper 172 – Canoeing. Length: 17' 1″ Material: Royalex® At just over 17 feet, the Penobscot 17 RX is a durable canoe designed to be an efficient performer. Please share you Tripper tips, techniques, trip reports, photos, and precious leads on elusive used Trippers for sale!. Interestingly, both Royalex canoes and the Old Town style Discovery cross-linked roto-molded canoes, which are a drastic step up in quality from single-layer rotos like the Colemans, were invented by the same guy. Exceptionally stable and responsive in rough water and gentler river currents, with no keel, a shallow arch, small rocker, and deep V-entry hull. When someone schedules I will mark it pending and when they are scheduled, and I will update or delete the post at that. 00 obo Old Town Pack Canoe 12’ Royalex includes paddle - $600 (Stratford) ***SALE PENDING***Old Town Pack Canoe. Old Town's #1 selling canoe!Features: …. a shift in the way people viewed surfing. 17' Old Town Canoe For Sale - $550 (Sarasota) Late 1980's- early 1990's vintage 17' Old Town Canoe, color red: Has 2 molded seats and 2 wooden yokes. The Discovery series was launched in 1984. Friends of mine use it (Tripper) on the Bonaventure. Took on two canoe adventure trips in Canada. The Old Town Discovery 119 is a solo canoe that's agile, stable, user-friendly, and easy to handle. Find New & Used Canoes for Sale. Norm L'Italien comments on this tripper each time he sees it. (not to be confused with the Penobscot 174 which is Three Layer Polyethylene and @ 20 lbs heavier -)With aluminum gunwales this canoe only weighs @ 65 lbs. It has the plastic contoured seats with backrests. Canoe has normal scratches with a wrinkle …. If you still have some sticky areas, just wipe over again. Old Town Pack Canoe, Royalex, Weight 32lbs, Length. Thank you Wenonah for your Ultralight Spirit II. Length: 14′ 10" Material: Royalex®. com">Old Town Canoe Boats for sale. Mercer Island 2013 Hobie Outback and Revolution 13. 172 old town tripper royalex canoe - $800 (spencer) Old Town Tripper 172 Royalex canoe. 1970s Old Town Tripper Canoe for sale from United States. Made one at a time with a durable, UV resistant gloss finish. Is 1100 outrageous for a 15 yr old canoe? First time canoe buyer, young kids, just…. Royalex is the ultimate light weight and …. It is noticeably more stable in whitewater than my flat bottomed Pathfinder. In Invermere, but can deliver to Calgary. 17' Royalex Old Town Tripper canoe - $550 (Middletown NY). 2 mWidth 37 94 cmWidth at 4 Waterline 35. My family of four spent 10 days on exp. It became THE material for whitewater and river tripping canoes. i am looking to buy a new royalex canoe and have been considering the OLD TOWN OSPREY because of it's smaller size, brand rep, very light, durability (royalex construction), 3 seats, oar mounts and because we …. Old Town Tripper Canoe - $750 (Gutheriesville, PA) Old Town Tripper 18 ft Royalex(Oltenar) Canoe for sale. Old Town record shows canoe was constructed in 1942-43. We can supply everything the owner needs to accomplish this manageable project – treated canvas, tacks, weave …. Frankfurt Airport to Old town. It was a design that was tweaked and then made by Ralph Frese at Chicagoland Canoe Base, then licensed …. The last 2 digits in the serial number are the year in which that particular canoe was made. This is a beautiful example of Old Towns canoe building expertise. Great Condition Royalex Old Town Tripper 172 Canoe Manufacturer’s Description: The 17-foot Tripper is what wilderness canoeing is all about. New listings: Swift Albany Royalex Canoe - $850 (Schenectady), Old Town TRIPPER Royalex Canoe - $1600 (Schenectady) Has XL Kevlar skid platesPurchased from Collinsville …. The Tripper 172 is a canoe brought to you by Old Town Canoe and Kayak. Check out a few other canoe recommendations below or explore all canoes to find the perfect one for you!. Picked up a canoe from Craigslist for a friend tonight. She said it was totally amazing and though …. Included are Minn Kota electric motor with motor mount, 2 paddles, battery charger and boat carrier (wheels). It has one pretty large crack is the Royalex. rated a 5 star canoe and "THE" canoe for tripping on whitewater or flat water. During the Second World War, the Römerberg and the entire historical center (Altstadt) were destroyed. It is somewhat slow when loaded down, but that's a small price to pay for that stability. The Royalex material makes it quite and resilient to abuse. 17' 4" Old Town Discovery Royalex Composite Canoe $425. Width 37 inchesDepth 15 inchesWeight 80 poundsSeat Type Molded / PlasticWeight Capacity (lbs) 1,550 poundsFeaturesA high carrying capacity …. Very nice Old Town Tripper royalex canoe for sale. system March 16, 2007, 1:47pm #11. com/marketplace/item/588123986582248/. If the listing is up, it is available. Cold temperatures can pose a bigger threat. Most canoe manufacturers have taken steps to. The book describes how the prototype for the first production run of Royalex (1973 Tripper model) was tested which included sending it bouncing from rock to rock through Class III rapids, filling it with water and allowing it to be wrapped around a concrete …. New listings: Old Town Camper 16 Royalex ® Canoe - $675 (Middletown NY), Old Town Tripper - Ranger Ed. bigger ended old Town Trippers. This is a high load capacity canoe. That early Uniroyal RX was superior to the latter day SparTech and PolyOne products. My experience on several wilderness expeditions is that the 17-3 tripper was inherently . The Camper 15 is a highly responsive boat that's easy to maneuver and built with added depth for an extra margin of security. Find new and used canoes for sale! Buy and sell both new and used canoes within the largest community of paddling enthusiasts. Canoe, Bob Special Blue Steel. EUGENE Perception whitewater kayak. Legendary Old Town 17' Tripper Royalex Canoe. Find Canoe Royalex in Boats For Sale. think about the nova craft prospector or the old town tripper as well. Old Town Tripper 17 Foot Royalex® Canoe In Good Used. The three layer construction is designed to take a beating. It's not light but so durable and sturdy. Bear Mountain, Freedom 17. 14, Chip Mini Tripper (15' deep hull) Chip. I forget exactly when they stopped the Royalex modelsmid 1990's or so. - $325 (Concord NH), Old Town Camper 16 Canoe Royalex - $800 (Milford). I'm only selling as my health is poor The 17-foot Tripper is what wilderness canoeing is all about. This was bought in the 80's and 100% garage kept. Lacing and D-rings have been …. Royalex White White Canoe Co Old Town Me made a 14-10 Royalex canoe called the Spirit and a 17-2 Royalex hull in 1987. Royalex also makes a much lighter weight hull than standard polyethylene and. And a glance at the $1,200 price tag makes Old Town. Life after Royalex: Review of the Mad River Explorer 16 canoe, a worth tripper comparable to the Prospector in terms of carrying capacity. Less than half price of new 1800canoe. It’s a little thicker around the middle, a bit more chunky in its trim. Our top pick as a solo canoe is the Old Town Discovery 119. Find 17 Canoe in Boats For Sale. ), Old Town Tripper 172 Royalex Canoe - $1 150 (Shelbyville TN. 17' old town tripper canoe made with ottonar multi laminate material, very strong and sturdy, holds 900-1100 pounds of weight, minor scratches, and minor damage to bow, stern and wicker mesh. Mad River Explorer 16 (FGX); L: 16'3; W: 34. I’ve considered offering him 650 for it, but wondering if that is too much for a boat this old. New Canoes for Sale in Pembroke. If he’s picking up a shovel to hit you, it’s poly. Type C2; new "Discovery" end cap -fits models. Hull is in great shape with normal river rash for an 18 yr old boat. The shallow arch design provides exceptional. The Discovery 158 canoe is a strong and reliable canoe. The Chestnut Canoe Company responded to the need for a lightweight canoe well suited to solo tripping and casual tandem paddling by introducing the versatile Bob Special. Some similar designs manufactured in T-Formex are lighter, but not all. Looks to be in very good condition. Ash carrying yoke and thwart, abrasion-resistant …. Find Canoe Old in Boats For Sale. ) ROYALEX Old Town Camper 16 Canoe - $1,000 (Schenectady, NY) Used teal blue Royalex family canoe for sale! Brand New solid ash webbed seats from Old Town. expedition type canoes (Mad River Explorer e. Old Town Tripper Royalex 17' canoe. (SOLD) 17' Old Town Penobscot Canoe - $1,350 (Ashland) NOT A BEGINNERS CANOE. New listings: 2 Old Town canoes Tripper Royalex (LAKE TOMAHAWK), 13 and 15 ft Old Town Square Stern Canoes - $775 (Hayward WI) Green Old Town 17' 4 " Penobscot ? Tripper? Royalex not quite sure of the model but hull design points toward the penobscot or tripper no markings were on boat before painting it. The red canoe is made with a multi-layer composite material called Royalex. Most durable and long lasting canoe I have ever experienced or heard of. It’s reasonable to view Old Town’s Discovery 119 solo canoe as a descendent of the company’s iconic wood-and-canvas canoes. New listings: Canoe - Old Town Tripper - $1 200 (Kingsport), PENDING Old Town Tripper Royalex 17’ canoe - $775 (Middletown NY). Comes with yoke pads as wellLength 17 2Width 37Width at 4 Waterline 35. Find used canoes for sale from the largest community of paddlers. New listings: Old Town Tripper 172 Royalex Canoe - $1 150 (Shelbyville TN. TuffStuff, Ram-X, Royalex are all examples of manufacturers chasing the holy grail of light, tough, and cheap. 12x12, 8x13 leento woodshed and a full upstairs with 8. A Royalex canoe is 10-20 pounds lighter than similar-size crafts In the end, Williams and I chose Old Town's Charles River canoe with . Replacing both with old town thwarts would be about $100 total. Narrow beam width is also suitable for double-bladed paddles. They tossed one from the roof of the factory in Maine in 1978 and it was unscathed. I saw a lot of $500 dollar type canoes, but then one ad caught my eye… $60 for an Old Town Tripper canoe. Hi all after weeks of compulsive research and scoping Craigslist I’ve found two boats but can’t decide between them. Emails and text messages will. Some people may complain about its 80 lb weight, but I rarely go places where long. I have the opportunity to buy an ‘89 OT Hunter canoe in Royalex. com/items/view/canoe-old-town-tripper-172-red-exterior-royalex-composite/109. OLD TOWN TRIPPER Canoe Red Oltonar/Royalex 17' - $850. Old Town Tripper Canoe 17. Looks like the gunwales and seats need replacement and the hull needs repairs. This canoe is big and ugly but its royalex and it floats. New listings: Dagger Legend 16 Royalex whitewater canoe - $1400 (Palisade co), ROYALEX Old Town Pathfinder Canoe - $799 (HAWLEY NE Pa. Iowa could have a totally different market. Selling My RED Canoe, Will Include (2) 60"Old Town Wooden Paddles New, Over $1500 + 60" Old Town Wooden Paddles $55ea, A Great Canoe For Weekend Get Aways, . I have keel protectors but have not put on yet. Bought it and Stored it before they stopped making it but now have to part with it due to health. Cosmetic scratches on bottom of boat. It has aged gracefully while being used and stored with care. For solo tripping canoes, 14-15 feet is a good length. The Tripper 172 is a forgiving canoe and regarded by many as the. Their 3-layer polyethylene construction gives them a bit. Royalex® canoes can be susceptible to cold cracks due to hull contraction and expansion. The Old Town Tripper Royalex canoe is one of Old Towns discontinued series of Royalex canoes including the 12' Pack, 14' Hunter, 15' Pathfinder, 16' Camper, 17' Tripper, 18' Voyageur and the 20' Tripper XL. Goodbye Royalex, Hello Nova Craft Prospector. One of the best tandem wilderness expedition canoes ever made. Highly sought after Old Town PACK model for lightweight and unmatched durability. A Royalex canoe can be wrapped around a rock and bounce back into shape. Although Old Town supposedly modeled the 169 after the Tripper, it is veteran canoe tripper. Alternatives to Royalex-Like Materials. We were not outfitted with good, light equipment, either. Ice fishing shack and all the gear. I have a Tripper 17 that is Royalex, it also has rock guards on the . Read Tripper XL reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling …. There have been no damage to the huil other than minor cosmetic marks from careful usage. New listings: Old Town TRIPPER Royalex Canoe - $1600 (Schenectady), Canoe - Old Town Camper - Royalex - $850 (Blacksburg) POST AD FREE. The Tripper is a more versatile canoe than the Prospector being less deep with less shear. Old Town Tripper Royalex 17’ canoe - $600 (Middletown, NY) If you want a canoe to take the whole family out for the day, go hunting or fishing or take on camping trips, this is the boat for you. **NOTE** Thwart is not pre-drilled. Good shape except one thwart is slightly degraded but still solid. Includes paddles and pfd`s1500 lb payload, 17` 2 long. It has been up the Allagash river twice (loaded to the gills), countless times on the West river in VT (sometimes upside down) and fishing on lakes and rivers. Nice Town Canoe including a set of Bending Branches “Loon” wooden paddles and a shorter paddle, pair of Crazy Creek Padded canoe seats, Extra Sport large and XL size life jackets, additional portable canoe seat and the original owners manual and boating …. The Tripper is an Old Town standard, it is a superior wilderness canoe. Stable on lakes, bays and rivers. The first time I paddled the Lower Wisconsin River in the bow of his Penobscot I knew I had to have one. Old Town Tripper 172 Royalex Canoe. CANOE, 17 ft, with Paddles, Old Town. Currently on the Thames in Oxfordshire - could. Find Tripper Canoe in Boats For Sale. This is a classic canoe with few comparable designs currently on the market. Lew Gillman originally owned Indian Brand Canoes in the late 1960s and built the first Royalex boats. But if you want to load it up, and up and up, it can handle up to 1700 lbs, (that's eight 200 lb people +). In the latter half of the 20th century, the company adopted …. Old Town Canoe End Cap Choose from End Cap type A, B, C or T to fit your new or classic Old Town Canoe. - Green - ROYALEX - Second owner, purchased from original owner last spring, CANOE: OLD TOWN DAY TRIPPER 172 - $300 Length: 17'2" WIDTH: 37" DEPTH: 15" WEIGHT: 79 lbs. Really good condition, also has great reviews on. New listings: Canoe - Mad River royalex - $600 (Rigby), Old Town Camper 16 Royalex ® Canoe - $675 (Middletown NY) Mad River royalex - $600 (Rigby), Old Town Camper 16 Royalex ® Canoe - $675 (Middletown NY) POST AD FREE. ) but I do have the old cane seats that need to be re-caned should you decide to use them. Whether or not to paint a royalex canoe is a decision that depends on many factors. MRC was down to two single layer poly Adventure models (75 lbs and 84lbs), two “Triple Tough” Journey models (83lbs and 88lbs) and the T-formex Explorer (77lbs) The handwriting was on the wall …. Silver Spring Old Town Penobscot 17 Canoe. A locked padlock) or https:// means you’ve safely connected to the. Find Old Town Canoe in For Sale. The Penobscot 17 is a canoe brought to you by Old Town Canoe and Kayak. This is basically a rebranded Starburst, originally molded by Blue Hole Canoe and later molded in Royalex by Nova. The bow flare and depth generally keeps out most waves but the Appalachian will take on water. It was considered the best tandem canoe made for water tripping/camping. Each is $500 these are available at The Goose Hummock Shops, 15 Rt 6A Orleans, Ma. I have a feeling that your epoxy will stay. Width37 inchesDepth15 inchesWeight80 poundsSeat Type Molded PlasticWeight Capacity lbs 1,550 poundsFeaturesA high carrying capacity makes this canoe well-suited for day trips or family outings for either solo or …. Old Town Tripper 172 canoe - Dartmouth, Halifax. New listings: Tripper Old Town Canoe (Alexandria. Boat has Old Town sourced skid plates that were provided with color match die. Johns Rivers, Big Lakes in Maine and New HampshireComes with "tight seal" Water Stray Cover (keeps white water and rain out)Standard and "shoulder-saving" portaging middle thwarts, Two High-Durability Light. The romantic town of Limburg an der Lahn grew around the 7th-century Limburg Castle. Tracker River King 16' Royalex canoe. In 1984, Old Town Canoe acquired White Canoe Co. Two plastic and aluminum paddles are included as is a tw 2 canoes, $500 for the pair. Price reduced to $2000 obo! Package includes: Old Town Tripper XL - Royalex Construction, 20' length, 2000lb capacity. Old Town Tripper Canoe 17’’ - $500 (East Side, Austin) View larger image. Take one of these canoes on a week-long backcountry outing, or pack the family along for a leisurely day outing. The Tripper 172 is a forgiving canoe and regarded by many as the best tandem wilderness tripping canoe available. Charles River 15 - Green (Item # 01. This canoe is a monster at 20'. Specifications:length 17'width 37"weight 80 lbscapacity 1100 lbs. Always stored in garage and has climbing rope loops in the bow and stern for easier carrying and for car roof tie down. But, the Discovery 158 is also designed to perform well on the water. Regardless of the length, when just one or two on board it turns great because of no keel. Water Sports & Boating Equipment. Joined Jun 3, 2015 and the bow two years ago down the St. I’m frankly not that concerned with the cosmetics but I happen to have a quart of oil based Rustoleum left over from a furniture job. OLD TOWN OCEAN KAYAK Meet the All-New Lineup. Here are specs from Old Town web site: Tripper 172 The 17-foot Tripper is what wilderness canoeing is all about. Ninnescah powers over 4,000 meters in all or part of ten counties in South-Central Kansas, including the counties of Barber, Comanche, Edwards, Harper, …. It really shines when paddled solo by a competent paddler. I suspect that the word "Royalex" sells high right now due to name. the Old Town canoe with serial number 192073 is a 17 foot long fiberglass Carleton Voyageur model that weighed …. Very rare and hard to find especially not used. Royalex Canoe Material is Dead. $2200 is a touch steep, but it's very clean and with the crazy canoe prices we are seeing in Canada this is likely an $1800-$2000 boat. Old Town Tripper 172 Royalex. 17’ Old Town Tripper Canoe - $825 (Wen) Classic Old Town Tripper Canoe. It is extremely stable and maneuverable and has a great range -- from family outings to serious river expeditions. A high volume hull with a deep V-entry, the. Va Canoe - Old Town Guide 147 w/ Trolling Motor, Oars, & Extras northern virginia Old Town Royalex Canoe. He built a Royalex Tripper for Walter Abbott, a whitewater paddler who taught canoeing at the University of Maine. The Story of the Old Town Tripper Canoe! (cliffcanoe. Old Town Tripper Reviews and Features. There is no perfect all-around boat, but this one is close. Contrary to some reviews, I think the Adirondack has plenty of initial stability, and excellent secondary stability. Archaeologists Find 11,000-Year-Old Statue. With Royalex gone, some companies shifted their Royalex production into rotomolded canoes. Royalex Dinged up but still a great. Royalex Old Town Tripper 172 Canoe. 100% leak free bomb-proof Royalex. Backrest is 17 1/2" tall and 12 3/4" wide. Royalex® Hull Characteristics Shallow Arch Bottom Flared Sides Moderate . The "canoe-boat" with the 5hp Honda performed flawlessly!. It is shaped as much as possible like the famous Old Town Tripper but made out of crosslinked polyethelene instead of Royalex. Old Town Chipewyan Tripper Canoe. Previous owners dribbled some paint on it when they painted their house (see photos) other than that and one small scratch in the bottom (see photo) the canoe is …. New listings: Old Town Tripper Royalex 17’ canoe - $600 (Middletown NY), 17' Canoe Flat Water/White Water w/ Spray Cover & Paddles - $1 350 (Pocatello). Carries a large load and two or three adults. New listings: Old Town TRIPPER Royalex Canoe - $1600 (Schenectady), Canoe 17 Old Town Tripper - $500 (Ionia). Welcome to TG Watersports, LLC! TG Watersports, LLC 915 W. Royalex canoes are tough, durable and can stand up to heavy impact. The Penobscot 164 is advertised at 75 pounds; our loaner tipped the bathroom scale at 79. lol Has skirt cleats and internal tie downs. Sporting Goods › Water Sports & Boating Equipment. This is a reiteration of a classic kayak produced by the now discontinued Necky brand. Penobscot 17 Royalex $100, Beater. These canoes might be cheaper than Old Town canoes, but they are much heavier at 84 and 104 pounds, respectively. Used, I've had this from new, about 15 years old, built with Royalex® This canoe has been used and has the scratches to prove it but anyone who knows old town canoes and Royalex® these canoes last and last. Tripping/Expedition Canoes for 2023. It offers excellent durability but adds significant …. This boat is set up to tie down your camping gear. For Royalex it is light at 60 lbs. I have an Old Town Royalex canoe and tried to lightly buff to attempt to restore some “gloss” to the hull to no avail. The canoe has no significant damage. They just dont make em like this anymore and these amazing workhorse boats are a treasure to own. The Old Town Pack (royalex hull) or the Old Town . The highly sought after and hard to find Royalex Old Town Hunter is in the same series of Old Town Royalex canoes as the 18' Voyageur, 17' Tripper, 16' Camper, 15' Pathfinder and 12' Pack. Hommes tutors high school math and science, but come summer, he and his faithful Royalex canoe travel north by trains, planes. Designed like the traditional Adirondack pack canoes this boat is a great choice for those looking for a lightweight solo canoe that is small and lightweight but still offers great performance and durability. Buy Old Town Canoes and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items. Then the company acquired Carlisle Paddles Inc. MD > Buy & Sell > Boats For Sale in Southern Maryland, MD > Old Town - Tripper XL - $2,100 (Bethesda) Old Town - Tripper XL - $2,100 (Bethesda). Pine City NEW 2 Place Free Standing Kayak/Canoe Rack. Probably used a dozen times or less. Royalex hull in like new condition. 15’8" Old Town Charles River Red …. * ALUMACRAFT CANOE 17' CAMOED SUPER STRAIGHT COND. Hudson 1970s Old Town Tripper Canoe. Red Old Town Tripper Oltonar/Royalex.